ITM College library is one of the finest management libraries in Kerala. It has a collection of more than 12000 books. It has a full-fledged reference section. Separate sections for career development, aptitude tests, numerical ability, group discussion etc. are being arranged here. A vast collection of fiction and non-fiction is available. There are 68 journals in the library with a volume collection. The library is also subscribing to e-journals. The library has prominent Indian Management Journals like:-

ITM Library owns a vibrant collection of biographies and autobiographies of well-known business stalwarts and Management leaders like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Narayanamoorthy, Varghese Kurian, Warrant Buffet etc. Library Management software has been used to provide the best services to the stakeholders. The library subscribes to leading international journals and Magazines.

A Well Equipped Computer Lab with the latest licensed software like Windows XP, Linux, MS Office, Tally 9, and Management software. The Campus has a dedicated broadband connection for VPN internet access which is being delivered to staff and all the students through Wi-Fi connections. Students can upload or download pieces of knowledge from their seats.

The college provides internet facilities to the students in the Computer lab. This facility is indeed helpful to the students because most days they need the internet for filling and filing one or the other application forms which are online. Also, most of the government, universities and other academic services are now made online. So, the computer lab functioning in the college is a great help for the students.

In addition to that, almost all departments give online assignments to the students. Those students who do not have internet facility at home, make use of the college computer lab to prepare and submit their online assignments.